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Capturing the Unstoppable Human Spirit:

Victories in Health and Athleticism


Create greater awareness of something you can see, hold, or measure—The Human Spirit—through AdventHealth’s partnerships with Florida’s high-profile sports teams.


How do you bring to life something invisible and immeasurable, but you know it when you see it? Answer: Show it and make it unmissable. Our “Official Champion of the Human Spirit’ campaign made visible the triumph of the human spirit on and off the field. We used a collection of powerful still photography and subtle cinematic elements to bring to life impactful moments of success in professional and amateur sports as well as medical and physical therapy victories. Together, the spot conveyed a powerful human emotion that the human spirit is as unstoppable as it is unmeasurable.


We showed AdventHealth as an exclusive partner to top sports teams in Central Florida using a TV spot that drew a memorable parallel between sporting achievement and medical success. Because we promoted AdventHealth’s service lines in an authentic way, we drove volumes in a tangible way.

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