They’re Ready. Are You?

How do you show up as a community leader in a situation where children bear the weight of the world on their shoulders?

In the blink of an eye, Covid-19 forced families to help their children cope with stressors no child should have to – disrupted education, food insecurity, financial instability, loneliness, social unrest – on top of whatever health conditions they faced.

Partnering with CCHMC, Revive leveraged our healthcare expertise, secondary research and deep understanding of the institution to fuel “Kids Can,” a campaign celebrating how parents, physicians, community partners and CCHMC unite to build resilient, confident and empowered kids who feel they can take on the world.

Importantly, that meant prioritizing all kids, reflecting the racial, ethnic, and gender diversity of CCHMC’s audience, including Caucasian, Hispanic, African-American, Asian, and transgender patients.

The campaign directed audiences to a content hub with rich resources created to keep kids strong, both during Covid-19 and beyond. Topics within the hub include diversity and inclusion, mental health, learning tips, Covid-19 and how to seek care for children. From family time to fitness to behavioral management, these resources were designed to help families adapt and thrive.

The campaign, launched in August 2020, helped demonstrate that with the support of Cincinnati Children’s, families and the community, kids can do incredible things. Initial results included more than 14 million media impressions, 366,000 unique video views, more than 61,000 audience engagements and more than 82,000 new visitors to CCHMC’s website.

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