NRC Health

The Art of Human Understanding

Closing The Gap Between Patients' Needs

And Experiences Through Greater Human Understanding.


Eradicate any legacy brand confusion and relaunch NRC Health as a more modern brand built around “human understanding as a service.” Increase brand awareness and share of voice with their audience of health system decision-makers.


By highlighting patients as individuals and exploring the importance of unique patient insights that improve the overall patient experience, we could position the brand as a leader in patient care.

With the “I’m Not An Aggregate” campaign, we emphasized the disconnect that aggregated data creates between providers and their patients and instead presented personalized data through NRC Health as the solution.

The campaign was multifaceted: We leveraged influencer marketing—igniting conversations among consumers about advocating for yourself as a patient and for being treated as an individual. We kick-started provider conversations about creating deeper connections with their patients. All the while strategically placing our creative campaign in front of healthcare executives where and when they typically engage, showing how NRC Health’s approach to improving the patient experience improves patient and organizational outcomes.


Our creative strategy kicked off a groundswell of marketing alignment across the NRC Health ecosystem and relaunched the brand with an undeniably unique value position amongst stiff competition. This, coupled with a media strategy that engaged healthcare executives across paid, owned, and earned channels, including events, our campaign has been directly linked to supporting a sales lead pipeline. It has even been linked to increases in lead velocities and overall deal sizes.


NRC Health is leading the charge to humanize healthcare delivery and support hospitals and health systems in their understanding of each patient as an individual. Guided by its empathic heritage, NRC Health’s patient-focused approach, unmatched market research, and emphasis on consumer preferences are transforming the healthcare experience, creating stronger outcomes for patients and entire healthcare systems. NRC Health is driving the future of patient experience to help health systems make smarter strategic decisions and create happier, healthier communities.

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